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Restaurant Marketing

That looks as good as your food.

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Affordable Restaurant Marketing in Columbus

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Social Media Marketing

Custom Photography

Brand Management

Search Optimization

Targeted Digital Advertising

For restaurants and bars looking to up their game, we offer an all-inclusive brand marketing package specifically designed to grow your audience and draw more customers through the door on a daily basis.

All for LESS than you’d pay for a monthly magazine ad!

*Based on local pricing averages for print publications.

People Are Hungry

Every day Columbus natives are searching on their phones for places to eat and spots for happy hour. They’re finding restaurants, bars, and cafes via Google, Facebook, and other Web Platforms and they favor businesses with an appealing and active brand presence. It’s more important now than ever to have a solid web presence and an engaging social media strategy so your customers can find you with their phone and stay connected to you over time.

We invite you to build up your brand and speak to customers from right inside their mobile devices with native social media content, strategic ad targeting, and killer design.

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Your Consumers are Going Digital.


5.6 hours

The average adult spends 5.6 hours per day interacting with digital media on a mobile device.


74% of Adults use Social Media networks like Facebook and Instagram every single day.


83% of smartphone users user their phone to make dining decisions.

We’re Signal Interactive

We specialize in premium web design and digital marketing services for the Columbus market. We’re a local team of designers, analysts, writers, promoters, coders, and marketing strategists that love to make great business look even better on the web. You can meet us, you can trust us, and you can see the results we deliver for yourself.

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Website Design

Show off the prestige and personality you want your customers to see when they visit you on the web. Mobile-friendly and Responsive functionality are a must in today’s digital environment.

Let our team design a custom, responsive website that will improve your search rankings, increase traffic, and provide a powerful user experience for your customers.

Your website should reflect your brand and what you stand for.

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Search & Social Media Marketing

You have to be present where your audience is spending their time. Today, that’s on social media. Not only are users fully engaged with these platforms all day, every day, but the advertising and promotional opportunities are native to the platform, which means they don’t interrupt or smell like advertising. It’s intuitive and natural.

Signal Interactive’s team of web-savvy millennials will produce, publish, and promote content for your blog, Facebook page, Twitter, Instagram, and other platforms on a consistent weekly or daily basis with premium design and targeted messaging that keeps your community engaged and expands your following.


People use Google to search for places to eat and things to do. Listings come up in different ways so you must actively optimize your site to outrank your competition on:

  • Local Map Listings
  • Search Results
  • Paid Ad Placements

Keep in Mind

Over 3 million restaurant related searches every month just in Columbus

60% of clicks go to the Top 3 Results

43% of restaurant web traffic is mobile and Google penalizes websites that are not mobile-friendly by dropping them in the search results


Your Facebook page is a mini version of your website and should be treated like a valued customer service and marketing tool.

Get tremendous (measured) exposure to local customers for pennies on the click.

Avg Cost Per Click $0.32

Avg Cost per 1k Impressions $0.25

(That’s 1% the cost of TV Ads)


45% Women / 55% Men

Primarily Ages 18-44

HH Income $50+ 240,000 users

HH Income $100k+ 82,000 users

810,000 Active Users in Greater Columbus Area


Instagram was build for showcasing your food and drink photography and there’s no better way to entice hungry customers.

70% of Users search out Brands on Instagram before making purchasing decisions.

2.5x as many ad clicks than Facebook

Average Cost per Click$0.42

Average Cost per 1k Impressions$5.62


49% Women / 51% Men

60% Ages 18-24

70 million photos per day

5 billion likes per day

300 million users worldwide


Ratings and review services, like Yelp, Urban Spoon and TripAdvisor, allow customers to find the best rated local eateries and bars. Advertising on these platforms and properly managing your profile will increase your rating and consideration by Yelp users, which drives more customers to your door.

82% of Yelp Users consult the app before the eat somewhere new.


66% Women / 34% Men

Average User Age: 41

Average Annual Income $68k

107 million views per month worldwide

Custom Photography

Nothing sells like gorgeous photos of sizzling entrees and frothy beverages. Let our professional photographers come in and snap some mouthwatering HD photos of your food, drinks, and atmosphere to be used in social media marketing and local advertising.

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Targeted Digital Advertising

Digital ads on platforms like Facebook, Google, and Instagram are revolutionizing the way brands and businesses advertise to their customers. For a tiny fraction of the cost of print ads and TV spots, digital ads can provide thousands of captive eyeballs along with accurate data to calculate the effectiveness and ROI of your ad spend. Count the clicks and know what’s working.

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In-Depth ROI Reporting

Thanks to the multitudes of data available from the Internet and social platforms, we can show you exactly how your ads are performing and where your traffic is coming from. Learn about the demographics of your audience and what they like best about you. There’s no reason to be in the dark about your market with all the digital tools available.

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Photography, Brand Marketing, Social Engagement, and Targeted Advertising


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